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Despite whatever you may believe, there is certainly much more to playing hardcore successfully than others horribly generalized (and extremely salty) excuses you only provided. Also, you can easily learn a good deal by "spend time in automatically calculator that math all of the thing for you personally and show result". How the POE Trade you think humanity advances our sciences?

The shock changes are nice but I really bother about the future of lightning based skills.

These skills are BALANCED around shock. Their POE Currency damage values are entirely based on inflicting shock.

I agree inserting such changes - especially without significant telegraphing ones - so in close proximity to launch could cause people to worry.
vkmoon one hour ago · Tags: cheap poe currency

A few exalts are not too much personally after playing for two main years but I should never be so callous regarding think my situation concerns everyone as ample experience tells me doesn't necessarily. Also I am barely, so very barely interested in that league after all this. After it had become initially released I thought maybe POE Currency PS4 it's the method for create the decent rares I roll or craft, ideal achievable last mod that I need, but this time around its another RNG dreamfest. At this point I might just run for the rewards and quit the league when I discover their whereabouts, which will likely not simply last me regarding POE PS4 Currency green week in it. Will I miss these content articles whether it never can make it into standard? No.

This guy features a strong point. Currently the well organized strategy is almost not picking dropped rares the slightest bit, basically league this effect will just skyrocket. Some demanded bases full of item level, (i.e. hubris circlet, astral plate, vaal regalia) will likely be more wanted normal than rare as drops, because some essences needs scouring. That's just making rares worse...

You desire for making rares better? remove about the pool some affixes 99,9% of builds consider trash, like flat life regen, block/stun recovery, light radius and low accuracy, phys reflect to melee attackers, etc, because they are very niche make those essence affixes (or mastercraft mods), and therefore the awkward builds with these still access.
vkmoon Yesterday, 19:57 · Tags: cheap poe currency

You cannot use master mods to use multiple Essences to your same item. And you cannot use master crafting to only add an essence to a specific thing while keeping it's old affixes. The essence rerolls everything pretty much, with POE PS4 Currency or without the meta mods.

You are able to use an essence on POE Items PS4 something to reroll ALL the affixes, and AFTER that point, use master crafting to meta crafting the remainder of the mods. For example, work with a prefix essence on the rare weapon.

 And all those ecstatic shouts about "no longer 6t1 perfect items over trade" srsly? entropy razor\glyph mark not intending to fade anywhere guys.

Theyre stay in existence, and even its not so fancy anymore due to higher tier mods however a creature weapon which everyone aim for. can't get the point with this game.

Didnt say you needed employment onto it, people quoted within change from this actually is great but remove mirrors too, this could be POE PS4 Orbs bad should remove mirrors instead.

 This complete thing is unappealing and I dont want anything removed but mirrors being left while eternals have ended could not make POE PS4 Currency any sense.

 And then for any other signs etc, but whatever you said about mirrors was true and relevant well, i quoted it.

 So you will surely have a fail safe in the case of bad roll, understanding that your item will not be completely ruined.

So whats stopping it from POE PS4 Currency everyone being scared to work with Exalts the identical way ahead of eternal orbs.

Why are mirrors still in the overall game? The only cause of them is usually to make a copy of your item that have 50+ eternals put in it within the first place.

 So your hoping individuals will spend POE PS4 Orbs 300 exalts using a mirror of an sub gg item? I don't know.. Just speaking my thoughts.

 Currency conversion to exalts would stop them ruining this market within weeks in the update, which is just about the intention on the removal of the currency.

 What's the idea removing them completely if rich individuals have stockpiled them, waiting for that update to flip? It would have POE PS4 Currency achieved next to nothing.

you cant treat perm leagues and POE Currency PS4 temp leagues the identical, nor balance them a similar...

People play perm leagues between temp leagues, and crafting was big a part of merely shooed away those individuals now.....

When i see your explanation why you introduced eternal orb in to begin with (for imprinting 5 links), i recently cant believe how short sighted have you been....the majority of people understood for the purpose eternals is going to be used the 2nd you wrote anything about didnt

 And people are pleased that crafting will either be cheaper (yolo exalting) or useless (just trade instead).

 And exalts are reinforced inside the role of as being a currency option as opposed to a crafting one (to much risk involved especially using the availability of master crafting).

I just don't understand.

If GGG didn't want perfect items to POE PS4 Items become crafted, chances are they made the appropriate choice.

 All this other nonsense I see is a lot more like POE Currency PS4 whining that they are able to't get it done themselves.

 The better option within my opinion might have just been to flood the market industry. If an eternal drop was exceptionally common, this wouldn't matter how OP it absolutely was and everybody can be happy.