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Trump Tax

Dear Daytrader/Investor,

the last days many discussion about the US tax for

China and Europe. People from CNN and Democrats

go attack Trump for his plans.

But this same people attack him for the Paris climat contract!

 But if we looking it on a other side maybe for many people get it more clear. First Trump have a very good Team from specialist knowledge! He decide not alone. And with the tax law is on the end of the day not bad! Because the second point is the

garbage from China! All this cheap plastic

is coming from cheap factorys and coming with ships over the ocean and later America looking for a place for all this plastic! But if the cheap plastic not come to America for the tax then America can concentrate on good stuff and not more this China plastic! So he safe the climate accord from Paris!

But people from CNN and democrates want not see this!

  • Created: Jun 27 '18
  • Admin: Stefan


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